10 things to do in Memphis, TN

10 things to do in Memphis, TN

The home of the blues and the birth place of rock and roll is actually packed with many for the thousands of visitors that continually arrive there. Memphis is a city with good tourist infrastructure, located at the crossroads of several interstate highways and famous for the love of music and food. There are some places that one should not miss when visiting Memphis, Tennesse.


1- Beale Street: There are many great pubs, restaurants, souvenir shops and open air concert venues. Most places are open 24 hours, but it is particularly nice to visit during nighttime when Beale Street becomes alive with music everywhere, lights and great ambiance.


2- The river walk: It offers a great view of the Mississippi and the bridge that has become a symbol of the city, there are beautiful houses and many paths to exercise.


3- Graceland: Its impossible to visit Memphis and not see the house of the king of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley that has become a true mecca for visitors from around the world.


4- Sun Studios: a small locale situated minutes from the downtown, it is considered by many the authentic headquarters of rock and roll.


5- Peabody hotel: a symbol of the high class and the good taste of the locals. It was a common hangout for Elvis. It is famous for what is called the duck ceremony: every morning a group of ducks that live on the top floor in a little palace descend using the elevator to enjoy the day in the main fountain of the lobby.


6- A hearty BBQ meal: There is a lot of arguing about which one is the best place to enjoy the local delicacies. Probably the best known and most commercial is Corky’s, locals love Central BBQ and many affirm that the best is Rendezvous in Downtown.


7- The Zoo: it may not be as big as others, but it is certainly a nice place to spend a morning. The Memphis Zoo has many important conservation programs like the one associated with the Pandas.


8- Brook’s Museum of Art: another of the very pleasant venues of the city with an important collection of paintings and sculptures including several from famous artists.


9- The National Museum of Civil rights: it is a very historic place, located in the Lorraine Motel, the place where Martin Luther King was assassinated.


10- The Pink Palace: It offers several great exhibits featuring the culture and history of the mid-south in a beautiful location. It is certainly one of the most important museums of Memphis.



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